03 agosto 2008

THE GHOST of ABEL | William Blake

"The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve" by William Blake


05 Abel Are these the Sacrifices of Eternity O Jehovah, a Broken Spirit
06 And a Contrite Heart. O I cannot Forgive! the Accuser hath
07 Enterd into Me as into his House & I loathe thy Tabernacles
08 As thou hast said so is it come to pass; My desire is unto Cain
09 And He doth rule over Me: therefore My Soul in fumes of Blood
10 Cries for Vengeance: Sacrifice on Sacrifice Blood on Blood
11 Jehovah Lo I have given you a Lamb for an Atonement instead
12 Of the Transgresor. or no Flesh or Spirit could ever Live
13 Abel Compelled I cry O Earth cover not the Blood of Abel
14 Abel sinks down into the Grave. (...)

The left figure, perhaps Cain, has his legs spread apart in a dramatic stride to the left. His left leg is bent at the knee and the right leg is extended backward. His left arm is bent upward; he clutches his lowered head with at least his left hand (in despair?). The right leg of the pursuing figure, perhaps a vengeful God, is bent dramatically at the knee; the left leg is extended backward. His arms are raised horizontally, with the raised hands palms out. These two figures have also been identified as Abel pursued by Cain; indeed, there may be an object of some sort (a knife?) in the left hand of the pursuing figure. aqui

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